Now we start getting the engines on this train revved up. We have no previews out on Facebook for the Marvel Evolutions Expansion due out in November and we also have explanations of the Hunter Mechanic. Check out VSrealms for more info as these exciting preview cards keep coming at us. I want to turn my attention to Justice League of America #26, which wraps up the Anansi story arc. Personally the art on Justice League of America by Ed Benes is some of my favorite on the stands at the moment. There were discussions about favorite artist on the realms a week or two back and with the absence of Michael Turner in the Comic Industry Benes definitely takes the throne for me. Though I still pay much homage to my Turner Variants that are signed, especially Thor #1 and the Hulk #7 that is currently on shelves.

Justice League of America has been a great series, 26 issues deep and I still do not get the overpowering characters of Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman driving the storylines, but instead feel their presence through dynamic visualization, but constantly as the backdrop to these great stories. This conclusion had some loop holes that I cant forgive but it still manages to do what I love so much about this series and that is keep the big three or trinity out of the limelight. Let me address the hole first, what happen to Animal Man? If you recall he was a part of this whole mix up with Anansi, but poof! He is a non-entity in the storyline and instead it focused on Vixen, which isn’t a bad thing because that was done remarkably so.

My co-worker whom I have been writing about is a fan of Vixen so getting to see her featured in the comic is definitely a wanted welcoming for a new reader who may see a favorite team member like Vixen fall to the back in a lot of issues. The surprising work on Justice League of America is how great McDuffie has been at creating storylines that have allowed character development and I am pleased to keep reading. Justice League of America will probably be bumped to the Left side of this page soon for quick access along with Justice Society of America depending on the strength of the next story arc’s until then enjoy…

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