Titans #6

Titans has been a very good series and I am a bit surprised that I enjoy reading it. Will I continue to write reports about it on the blog is the question that I would like all of you to decide. For me while the series has been good it has really only been a rehash of things we have seen before in the Teen Titans. We have all the members of the Original Titans together again fighting things we have already seen them fight. The first major story arc was them fighting Trigon and his sons before it got to this conclusion which was very familiar to me in terms of Titan lore.

Raven succumbs to her evil nature and the Titans are trying to save their comrade from herself. She is more than enough to overcome the 6 sons of Trigon because she is the original sin, sapping all of their energy. Thank god that Raven gave them away to bring her back should she ever crosses the line, so it becomes a battle of Raven vs. Raven. One of these days I am going to have to have a girlfriend dress up just like Raven because I always find her so attractive with that hood and cloak. The conclusion to this arc was not very inspired or tread on new ground for the Titans, but it was appeasing. . Next up the return of Match, or as I like to refer to him Teen Bizarro. By the way, if you really think of it for those who watch the Smallville show it was really more like a Match incarnation than Bizarro.

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fiend28 said...

I'd still like to see reviews, I like the older titans, especially Wally but despise Judd Winnick and would never read any of his books. So its nice to know whats going on in their world


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