Let me start today’s previews off with congratulations to President Elect Barack Obama for a well-fought campaign and a truly historic appointment to the Presidency of the United States of America, the highest seat in the land and possibly upon the planet, no other appointment bears as heavy the weight of the world as does the Presidency. Fitting that this leads right into talks of the Inhumans and there future in the Marvel Universe. Secret Invasion is not a story just about the Skrull Invasion, the writing is really on the wall for where Marvel is trying to bridge their involvement in this invasion to the War of Kings series schedule for ‘09.

War of Kings is going to be an epic event in the Marvel Universes cosmos where the Sh’iar and the Inhumans kings will be battling. For those who do not know the kings are Vulcan, the youngest Summers Brother and Black Bolt, Leader of the Inhumans and secret member of the Illuminati. Either way during the events of Secret Invasion: Inhumans # 2 and #3 Black Bolt is captured aboard a Skrull vessel being dissected by Skrull scientist in order to harness the power of Black Bolt voice. Black Bolt is resisting the torture, but the Skrulls are very deceptive and it appears they have kidnapped Black Bolt’s son, Ahura and intend to use him to get to his father.

Meanwhile and perhaps the most important part of the Secret Invasion: Inhumans series is that Medusa has decided to rally the forces and make contact with the Kree and Ronan the Accuser to seek an alliance. How this may play out is going to be interesting. In return for their help Ronan wants to wed Crystal and Medusa agrees despite Crystal’s refusal. This is obviously going to play into the larger picture of War of Kings and be the more important piece of information coming out of the Secret Invasion for the Inhumans. So pick up these 4 issues and check out what you may need to know in the coming year.

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