Guardians of the Galaxy #6

Guardians of the Galaxy #6 was an okay title to read this week and I really mean okay just because with the necessity to tie-in to the Secret Invasion it has been lackluster. I miss the space war and travel feel of Annihilation. The extended stay on Knowhere has drawn out the series and dulled it’s sharpened edge that Abnett and Lanning seemed to have honed for their titles. The comedy and drama are there, but the action seems unwarranted and many instances and very fruitless given the opponents.

We have the reveal of the Skrulls and we have the reason why, the only problem is that the information ultimately leads to nowhere. Really Drax takes actions that are not needed, neutralizing everyone in order out figure out who the Skrulls are and then getting into a fist fight with the Luminals which is reminiscent of a fight between brothers and sisters. The biggest play in the whole series is the “dismantling” of the Guardians because the team figures out Star-Lords deceptive practices to get the team together.

It wouldn’t be much of a series if it was just six issues, but ultimately this little mini ended right where it began on Knowhere and hopefully it springs back to life after this little side step from its quality read.

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