Ultimatum #1

I do not know where to begin with the Ultimatum series other than to give you all a look into the world of issue #1, which Jeph Loeb and Finch do so well at. There is no wonder these two have been so great at writing for the Heroes television show. They bring the same sense of broad stroke, but specific sequence to action that allows you to get into the world on specific levels. They accomplish in Ultimatum #1 what was not accomplished in either Final Crisis or Secret Invasion main story books.

Just to give you guys a little back story on what is going on in the Ultimates universe, both Wanda and Pietro are dead and Magneto is very upset about the situation. You do not need much more background than that. Next, all you need to know is what Magneto plans on doing about it and if you have seen the promotional posters you have a very good idea, “When God didn’t like what he created, he washed it all away in forty days and nights … I will do it in three.” I truly hope that paints the portrait for you. For all the fans of Magneto, think of the insane things you thought Magneto could do with his powers, especially knowing that he is probably considered to be an Omega Level mutant, then go check out the Ultimates on my blog and then pick up Ultimatum #1 and see him actually do it.

Magneto washes away New York and Freezes over Latveria all from his throne. The Fantastic Four, Avengers, X-Men, Hulk and Spider-Man are all affected but Magneto’s actions and they are all out to get him thanks to Xavier telling them telepathically what has happened. The only problem is when Magneto is pissed we know he is pissed., He decimated a whole team of the Ultimate Avengers and took Thor’s hammer what else do you think he has in store for the rest of those who oppose him? The man can affect the planet itself!

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