Cable #8

Since I dropped Skaar, Son of Hulk from the line up today I didn’t want you guys to feel cheated on the Marvel Line-Up so I decided in fairness to do a review of a series I kept reading that I stopped reviewing on the blog because it was not good, but the last two issues of Cable have really been good, largely due to the injection of the X-Force capturing Bishop for interrogation and now the inclusion of some other members of the X-Men. That pains me to say it took the X-Men to pump this series because the X-Men rank right up there with the Teen Titans for me as far as annoyance factor.

Most of the scans I have up are the interesting stuff that is going on in the series. Cable is in some distant future fighting bipedal cockroaches if that gives you an idea of how lame that action is. The view of Emma and Cyclops interrogating Bishop brings thoughts of X-Force to me, which is the only thing I like about any of the X-Franchises. I have always hated that we will take the high road route in the face of all adversity and I love the we will get the job done as it needs to be done approach. Beast is not too happy with this approach, but then he can go choke on a fur ball for all I care. Either way Cable has been great and the art still keeps on track, so check it out.

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blues686 said...

nice break down of the issue and i enjoy the scans. saves me a trip to the comic store to read books that i wouldnt normally buy. But ive been actually enjoying he cable series run so far alhough i agree at times it certain concepts are lame.

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