Batman #681

Thanksgiving is over and school is getting ready to let out for me, I can’t wait! My roommate took me to her families thanksgiving feast and I got to chow down on some very appetizing vegetarian cuisine, but now its back to the grind of getting scans and comic goodness on this blog and tempt to lure more of you over to the Darkseid of comics and Versus System TCG. The Marvel Evolution Expansion just released and we have tons of goodies from X-Factor to X-Force to the Horseman of the Apocalypse and more to play with in cardboard form. Hopefully, I can get around to reviewing some of those teams or I can get Curtis to do it, but right now we got to jump into these comics and most importantly the conclusions to Batman R.I.P.

This is a cliffhanger ending and would appear to be death if we the reader did not know any better, leave it Grant Morrison to be the biggest cock tease, got me revved up for some DC altering event and instead I get a concluding chapter that could have played out on any given Wednesday in any Batman book. This one gets so predictable that Batman is narrating the news of his uneventful and uninspired demise. RIP had great potential in the middle there somewhere with Bruce appearing to go all batty but instead in the conclusion we find Bruce has known everything all along and has planned for everything because that’s what Batman does. Well we all should have guessed that because as Savage Tofu pointed out on realms, Morrison seems to think Batman is more powerful than the whole JLA.

So what we end up with here in the final chapter of R.I.P is Batman turning the tables on the Black Glove just as the Joker tells them Batman will and a gallery of Batman allies and Enemies turning out to see what appears to be the demise of the Dark Knight. We know that isn’t truly what’s happening but let’s see how much further Morrison can screw up storylines in issues to come. On a positive note this series has done more for the Batman movies starring Christian Bale than anything. Did you hate the voice? Great they retcon’ that in the Outsiders I believe. Did you have fault with the costume being kevlar based or along that line? No problem Batman gets shot in this issue and reveals Kevlar beneath the cloth material. The story also does one more thing, it reintroduced the Batman mythos to a new generation, every corner of who Batman is, was and more than likely will be and how and why he is the man he is, who his allies and foes are is explored over the course of this series, pick it up and re-read it, I bet you will see just what I saw.

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