Detective Comics #850

Detective Comic’s was really the best part of the Batman R.I.P story, truly Dini wrote a story that appealed to all the readers using a character that permeated the veil of the cowl and got into the mind of Bruce Wayne. The love story with Selina Kyle aka Catwoman only brought more depth to the cowled character and how close to humanity he really is, despite the bravado and machismo we constantly see of him. While in Batman R.I.P we saw him in a lustful affair with Jezebel Jet here we have him truly in love with a woman and fighting to save her life.

The Heart of Hush series feels like a Christopher Nolan directed and inspired 3rd movie, interesting characters and an introspective look at what Batman 3 could be. You have Catwoman who has always been on the fence of good and bad and a long past friend who knows the many secrets of Bruce Wayne in Thomas Elliot aka Hush. Heck you could even throw in Talia Al Ghul to get that whole son of Batman, Damian, story into the mix. Riddler would be a great throw in as a detective hired to figure out who is the Batman.

There is a lot of legs to this story and I like how Hush gets some of Batman’s other villains into the mix and attacks at the heart of Batman, his closest friends and allies in order to get to him. Stealing Selina’s heart was just topping on the cake and a remarkable use of plot induced stupidity. Check out the conclusion to Heart of Hush in Detective Comics.

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