Cable #9

Cable has been getting really good. I am not sure who has been pushing Swiercyznski in the right direction, but he is finally at a point where the series is good enough to be reviewed and feel inclusive in the X-Men Universe. He has begun incorporating the actions of X-Force and the X-Men into the chase for Cable and the M-Day baby and it has been far better than just seeing two characters plucked from the time stream that remind us of Gears of Wars Cog Mutates that none of us really cared about. The story has been interesting and in a comic book world where everyone is fighting for survival reading about Cable’s escape from New Providence and Bishop’s master plan to destroy the whole world makes a lot of sense doesn’t it? Yes, Bishop thinks destroying the world in order to find the baby is a good idea, check out the scans!

On Another note, check out Chaotic Reigns Versus System MWS tourney on TCGplayer hosted by the one and only Mike Lopez.

The age is modern. The event is Random Punks, why cuz its hella fun thats why!

1st Place: 3 packs of MEV
2nd Place: 2 packs of MEV
3rd place: 1 Pack of MEV

Registration Due by the 3rd of January with decks submitted to me for approval. Tourney begins on the 4th of January. Have fun and good luck!

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