Thor: Man of War

You want Slugfest? Do you really want an EPIC slugfest? Then the comic book you need to grab off the shelves is Thor: Man of War. It’s another One-Shot that is catching up new Thor Fans on the mythos of the character and this one-shot definitely brings the hits. Thor vs. The Valkryie, Brunnhilda and Thor vs. Odin. I think many of the old Thor-heads know how this one goes down, but it doesn’t taint the images the least bit and it sure as hell is one good read. This is basically in a nutshell Thor being banished from Asgard in order to pay his penance and learn some humility which Odin feels can only be gotten from a lifetime on Midgard (Earth). The best parts are the battles in this Epic Slugfest. If you don’t believe me check out some of these scans and I guarantee you will be running to your local Comic shop in order to read some more of this goodness.

On Another note, check out Chaotic Reigns Versus System MWS tourney on TCGplayer hosted by the one and only Mike Lopez.

The age is modern. The event is Random Punks, why cuz its hella fun thats why!

1st Place: 3 packs of MEV
2nd Place: 2 packs of MEV
3rd place: 1 Pack of MEV

Registration Due by the 3rd of January with decks submitted to me for approval. Tourney begins on the 4th of January. Have fun and good luck!

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