Final Crisis Revelations #4

Revelations really has some edge to it and this Cain and Able showdown between Cain (Vandal Savage) and Able (The Spectre) has almost come to it’s storied conclusion and I can’t say how saddened I am by this fact. In this 4th of 5 issues the Spectre is finally brought to his knees by Cain who is wielding the Spear of Destiny and the only person who can save him is Renee Montoya, the new Question. That’s right for some reason the Spear of Destiny has no affect on her and Radiant can’t really tell her why. With all the faithful becoming so doubtful, you would think God would want to put his hands somewhere in this action, but as Radiant expresses, Darkseid has made this a battle for God’s greatest gift, Free Will, and mankind has to win this one themselves, but how do you beat an immortal man wielding the Spear of Destiny? Renee Montoya has to figure this one out. But wait there is more as Cain isn’t going to let this all happen without putting the sense of urgency into the mix, The Spectre has not only succumb in battle thanks to the will of Crispus Allen, but he has all but succumb to the Anti-Life equation. I can’t wait to see what is going to happen in this conclusion, can you? For now check out these scans of the action.

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