Final Crisis: Resist

Today is Crisis day! I am going to catch you up on all the things that have happened in Final Crisis over the past month beginning with Final Crisis Resist. Written by Greg Rucka, Resist was an a great read as a standalone because it is hard to place it within the continuity of everything else that is going on within the Final Crisis. Revelations can be placed at anytime in the chronology cause it exist as a side event, but there is such major events that happened in Submit and Resist that it is hard to pin down where this takes place, but like I said it is still a good read. The story takes the dawn of the dead type scenario and places it in the Final Crisis events with a little twist, White King, Mr. Terrific has to make some pretty tough decisions, like sacrificing his girl Sasha Bordeaux to awaken the Omac’s because they are the last line of defense. let’s explore the insides a little more!

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