Guardians of the Galaxy #7

Guardians of the Galaxy #9 was an excellent read despite my skepticism. If you have been reading the Guardians of the Galaxy series you know that the Secret Invasion tie-ins kind of brought the lowest point in the series thus far. I mean the series was staying afloat with these tie-ins, but it was nothing compared to what it was, I call this period a hiatus although, it did have one major plot point spin out and that was the dissolution of the Guardians after all the members found out that Star-lord aka Peter Quill used Mantis’ powers to nudge them all into joining the team.

Well, with the invasion done Lanning and Abnett are free once again to do what they do best and that is write compelling cosmic stories and while I was on edge about where the series was going to go removing these star players in the cosmos from the equation, Lanning and Abnett prove they could compel readers with characters no matter who they are. In Guardians #9 they take a rag tag group of hero’s nobody on 7 continents would recognize as legitimate role players and manage to lay the path for the Badoon invasion or at least give it some meat.

For the fans of the former team who were not to happy with the departure, don’t fret too much because Quasar, Adam Warlock, Peter Quill, Drax and Gamora are still there in the issue and we even get the sense of where they will fit into the picture. Adam Warlock is actually intending on leading the church, Gamora is tagging along and I love the new chopped short-hair style they have given her. Meanwhile, Drax and Quasar are off on their own adventure looking for Cammi and Star-Lord is in bondage at the feet of Blastaar. This should be the start to a new arc in the Guardians of the Galaxy, I promise to try and contain skepticism in the future, shut my mouth and read the titles.

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