X-Force #9

X-Force #9 hit the shelves and seriouosly there is still not a series on the shelf that you can beat if you are the type of reader that needs to see epic battle in every issue with little story translation. The comic book is its very own perpetual action movie and source of adrenaline, the hits just keep coming, even when you are reading about the back story the scenes are so dynamic and intense that you feel like you are on the roller coaster ride with the characters the entire time.

Last time we saw the X-Force team they had captured the Vanisher and were getting ready for some heavy interrogation, now they are following up his leads to Sinister’s lab where they are confronted by both a bunch of Marauder clones and Cameron Hodges’ group “The Right” with orders to secure the legacy virus and leave no one alive. Where is this going to take the X-Force team and who is going to come out in the deadly dance, Domino definitely feels out of luck. It’s an exciting ride of action, but falls short on body in this issue so enjoy the fast pace while you can eventually they are going to have to slow this train down.

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