Finally for the day we have Justice League of America #27 and I had to do a little research on this one because I do not read very much Milestone Comics. I remember collecting some issues of Hardware when that first came out and I may have issues #1 of some of these characters because my uncle dropped them in my lap, but not that I was excited about reading the series. This is a sighting’s issue so obviously there appearance is a major event in the DCU. Dwayne McDuffie should be well-versed in writing for these characters since he was around when they were first created back in the 90’s. I love the interaction of the characters in this series. The best moment of the issue is Black Canary walking in on the secret meeting room of the Big Three. You know if there was a female in the real world that looked like Black Canary in that uniform I would be a stalker. Seriously, I love Benes’ artwork on the series and while many may not like it, I am all for it. His superhero characterization often fall right into that area where they look superhero for a comic, but they do what I often did not like about Michael Turner’s artwork, god rest his soul, and that is make characters look different and unique from one another. Big question here is what does the Shadow Cabinet want with Dr. Light? Even bigger question is will Versus System get the license’s back for the DCU so we can have these characters printed on cardboard. The DCU has definitely been taking care of business by shuffling and reimaging the DCU, bringing in characters who look like they have potential to move comics and making character’s who were already potential movers more prominent taking away a lot of the focus from the Big Three a.k.a. The Trinity! Enjoy!

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