Batman #682 & #683

Tonight you get your Christmas Gift from Darkseid Revenge. I give to you an in-depth review of Batman #683 which is part of the Last Rites arc and serves as the bridge between the Batman R.I.P. story and Batman’s place in the Final Crisis event. The story is told from Alfred’s perspective and given to the reader as we follow a origin story in Batman #682 to the present condition of Batman in #683. I’m home for the Holiday so I am going to give you the down and dirty on this. Grant Morrison is back at what he does best and that is making Batman more Godly than the Gods wreaking havoc on the world in Final Crisis, before I get to that let me spin this web for you of how we got where we are.

Okay so what did we really get out of R.I.P.? Nothing! Batman went through the ringer at the hands of the Black Glove and came out virtually unscathed. In the minds of Morrison no harm could possibly be done to the caped crusader because given enough time Batman beats anything and everything you can throw at him right, wait for it because that is going to ring so true in mere moments. Last Rites #682 is really nothing more than a crossover and Morrison’s way of putting a stamp on the character as he gives Batman a clear origin story and a very tight alibi for a timeline that gives Batman fans a sense of relief, finally! This story moves right into Final Crisis on the last couple of pages as we get to see Batman encased in some sort of deprivation tank or another. I could have sworn Batman just went through something like this? I am pretty sure this is how he was able to beat the Black Glove, so why not use it again against the gods of Apokolips.

In Batman #683 it is more origin story and perhaps the best couple of pages where Talia and Batman are getting it on and obviously in the throes of procreating Damian. The better part of this issue though is the mix memories as compared to what Morrison laid for a foundation of the character in #682 tearing down that fine timeline we all thanked him for. Under Torture Batman is still invincible Desaad even in his new disguise can’t compete with Batman because Batman is able to make his memories weapons as he puts it. Why would the Apokolips gods led by Darkseid view Batman as the ultimate genetic material to breed an unstoppable army? I’m thinking your best bet would be Superman, who knows maybe even Captain Marvel, but like I said Morrison feels Batman is the strongest one there is. And Batman proves it by beating the Lump (Clayface) in his mind and then managing to get the Lump to help him free himself from his bondage. Batman’s memories are obviously even too stressful for clones to handle, it smells of one of those cliché moments we have seen before with very powerful characters and their powers overloading a person trying to steal them. I love Batman, but word of advice Morrison, if we are tired of seeing Superman perform unimaginable feats only to then lose in battles thanks to a piece of rock, I definitely don’t want to see Batman, a peak human doing the unimaginable.

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