Kingdom Come Special Superman #1 was a great read that gave us the back story to the displaced Superman and how his world fell apart and how he lost his Lois Lane. This is a more intimate story than Magog was and the thing that really brings it to life is the fantastic artwork of Alex Ross. His visuals are so dynamic and engaging that in its moments of lull where you look at Superman simply having discussions with characters like Lois Lane and Norman McKay you feel in the story as if you are really seeing the story unfold over the shoulders of the character. If not that Alex Ross laid out such great artwork he doubled-up on duties and laid out a great story and you have to love that. Alex Ross’ love of the Golden Age characters and their stories is clear in this and many other stories he tells and you really ought to love it. This should be a collector’s edition for any Alex Ross fan. I am holding it tight to the chest in the event that I attend a Comic Con or some other venue and have the chance to meet him and get his John Hancock.

On Another note, check out Chaotic Reigns Versus System MWS tourney on TCGplayer hosted by the one and only Mike Lopez.

The age is modern. The event is Random Punks, why cuz its hella fun thats why!

1st Place: 3 packs of MEV
2nd Place: 2 packs of MEV
3rd place: 1 Pack of MEV

Registration Due by the 3rd of January with decks submitted to me for approval. Tourney begins on the 4th of January. Have fun and good luck!

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