In between JSA #20 and JSA #21 were two specials under the Kingdom Come banner and one was clearly better than the other. Kingdom Come Special Magog #1 gave Tomasi a lot of room to work with as far as what he could do with the origins of this character. Remember the roster on the JSA has grown quite large and the writers have been trying to evolve each character and give the reader a picture of them all, but we have yet to spend time with the Marine who became Magog. Well this is his origin story, but other than playing Rambo or G.I. Joe with some of the other heroes who chose to follow Magog this issue just falls flat on all fronts. The best part was the origin story of Thom Kallor which brought plenty of pieces of comics from everywhere, Legion of Three Worlds, Crisis and more are laid out in these last pages of Magog #1. All this is not enough for me to really enjoy the read, but hey I scanned it still.

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