Nightwing #150

Nightwing has been a great read through the R.I.P story arc. I have really enjoyed the read as Nightwing has faced off against Two-Face and I couldn’t say more for what Tomasi did with the storyline and making sure there was a stamp on the character in his town of Nueva York. This conclusion rounded out Two-Face’s insanity rather well as he is really pissed at Nightwing for not saving the lawyer from himself, and he finally decides to lash out at the whole city. You don’t get more nutty than that. Nightwing does the best he can to help Two-Face and this is how he is repaid, simply marvelous.

There really isn’t much to flesh out in this issue though which is the only fault, it really is you got what you see. Nightwing takes after Two-Face to prevent him from burning down the city and saves the day. The story could have probably been wrapped up in two issues, but this book felt meaty for some extra scenes of acrobatic goodness. The art wasn’t amazing so if you want to see the slugfest then go ahead and pick up Nightwing #150. To be honest this will probably be the last Nightwing issues you will see on the blog unless it ties in somewhere else.

Oh one more mention, Marvel Evolution is out and the sales appear to be doing well, seriously, the set has sold out from Groovy Gecko’s where I normally do my shopping and I purchased 3 boxes and I have done a fair bit of trading for the rest of the cards I need for the decks I wish to make, Marauders and a little nasty Cyclops/Cable action. I plan on picking up some more boxes soon to see if I cant get some more of those hard to get rare cards. There really doesn’t seem to be any cards I would classify as money rares, but I am sure others will disagree, either way if you are looking at getting into Versus TCG then check out Kamiza’s blog, a link can be found on the left side of the page in my blogroll, it is a great website for new players looking to learn the ins and outs. Don’t forget you can also use MWS to get into the game. Flashback just completed the Marvel Evolution Patch and this should enable a lot of people to use the set as soon as possible. Thanks Flashback.

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