Nova #19

Nova #19 was a great read! Lanning and Abnett continue to evolve the character into a top tier contender in anyone’s fight. I love that Worldmind went and restarted the Nova Corps all by himself without Richard’s consent. Funny how he and Richard have the talk about it and Worldmind goes and deputizes the whole Pegasus Project staff, including Richard’s brother. Something really seems off about it all, but it is definitely interesting to say the least. Nova Prime has his Corps to lead and I have to know where he intends to take it next.

Just a little update for you guys and gals reading this blog! Nova has been separated from Worldmind who has decided because of Nova’s abrasive actions and decisions that it is best he remain the Pegasus Project’s computer mainframe. Worldmind is trying to awaken Wendell Vaughn who apparently is exhausted and remains in the quantum flask. We need to double up on the fan created sets for Versus System and get a quantum flask card! Guglio, Captainspud, Lebeau and other DC aficianado’s created a great set in the DCU release and they are working on a Final Crisis set, I believe it is a little too early to be creating cards based on a series that is midway through completion, with possible ramifications that will continue into the end of next year, but I am sure they are up to the task.

Anyway, Nova looks poised to police the Universe once again, but he is going to remain here on the Earth to help upright things. This is the first comic that gives us a snapshot of the world after the Secret Invasion, well actually Thor was. I’m looking and waiting Lanning and Abnett, surprise us and give it all you got you have definitely made Nova a favorite of mine.

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