Secret Invasion Inhumans has been an excellent title read. I love the Inhumans and Blackbolt ranks up there with the great powerhouses of the Marvel Universe, but he is always overlooked as are the rest of the Inhumans, but with this prelude to War of Kings it looks like things are about to change, and that is for the better for the Inhumans, seriously! Basic concept of Secret Invasion Inhumans has been Blackbolt has been captured by the Skrulls, and the Inhuman Queen Medusa wants her husband back, all this while Attilan is under attack by a Skrull invasion.

It is obvious they get Black Bolt back, but what was important is what they had to do to get him back, which is form an alliance with the Kree. There are also some even better implications in that fact when you considered that Crystal is going to marry Ronan the Accuser in order to seal the deal. There is also the revelation that Blackbolt and Maximus will rule the Inhumans together. I really thought that Maximus would just relinquish his power he seemed very bored with the power once he became ruler which is typical Maximus.

The revelation that the Inhumans are now in one accord with Maximus’s belief that they are a powerhouse in the universe and can ill afford to remain in the shadows of the moon while there enemies bring war to them is going to be the biggest catalyst in all likelihood for the War of Kings. I am looking forward to the War of Kings event with giddy anticipation.

Again I want to remind my fellow Virginian residents that Groovy Gecko’s in Williamsburg, VA will be hosting it’s Marvel Evolutions Release Celebration for the VS System TCG on December 13th, 2008. If you are an old player or a new player looking at getting into some superhero cardboard action then swing by, I am sure there will be prizes and more.

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