Nova #20

So why should I stop with reviews today, I write them you read them and I hope you love them! But let’s get to Nova #20 because you know the Human Rocket is one of my favorite series. I have to say the addition of Ego the Living Planet to the Nova Corps was unforeseen, but I guess the Green lanterns have Mogo , so they might as well poke fun at or give the idea a shot in the Marvel Universe. Richard is astonished by this! Other than this shocking surprise this issue of Nova sort of falls flat as the drama/comedy series it has become. It’s certainly a transitional issue, to what I am not sure, but it hints at Nova hanging up his boots because of Worldmind’s actions. Read through Nova and enjoy the short break because you know the excitement is sure to come.

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Anonymous said...

Don't take this the wrong way, but I used to work at Marvel, and what you're doing is VERY wrong.

While I'm sure they wouldn't mind a 3 or four page preview (in fact, Marvel often posts them too), posting the whole comic on line is NOT COOL.

In fact, there are legal issues to consider. No, I'm not kidding.

Remember that Marvel is a company. They make comics to pay the bills.

I'm writing all this because you seem like a nice guy, so don't get mad at me because I'm conveying these facts to you. I can guarantee that you'd rather hear such things from me than a representative from Marvel.

Rich said...

I don't think postin some pics and reviewing there product is going to kill the company. What he does by posting pics with his reviews is add interest to the comic industry. We can walk into a comicbook store and read them without purchasing so what is the difference?


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