X-Men Kingbreaker #1

I can’t be stopped, and the hits really will just keep coming and they continue with my favorite series and group of authors at the moment to usher in the New Year. Abnett and Lanning have a new mission, tear asunder the cosmos with war on the Horizon, a War of Kings! The Prologue begins here in X-Men Kingbreaker, well really we got peeks in Secret Invasion Inhumans and Guardians of the Galaxy because yes, Blastaar is going to be a part of this, along with Vulcan, the youngest of the Summers brothers and my favorite to win it all Black Bolt! X-Men Kingbreaker gives the story from the perspective of the Starjammers because let’s be honest that is what the series may as well be entitled, sure we have three X-Men members here and these characters are tied to the X-Universe, but they are operating outside X-Men territory and the majority of the cast is or are Starjammers. With half of the team behind bars cant wait to see how this will play out. Havok is perhaps one of the best Summers characters in the Marvel U, who is simply undeveloped and needs to be given some great treatment in Versus System. X-Men Kingbreaker # 1 just sets up the story letting you know how Vulcan is operating and where the Starjammers are and how they are acting as the resistance, but it is done in great flare and drama that only Abnett and Lanning could bring to the table. Check out X-Men Kingbreaker #1!

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