I want to thank Flashback over on VSRealms for his work on the new Marvel Evolutions set for MWS and updating the Marvel Ultimates set as well. I have been too busy with school and this blog in order to get on top of any of that and since MWS is quickly becming the online program of choice to play Versus System it is good to having a helping hand, Thanks Flashback. The files can be found int he right panel of this blog page and over on VSrealms. On another note... for some reasn my blog is not being syndicated over on VSrealms, i don't know why, but i will continue to post updates over on TCGplayer and remember the easiest way to know is to just subscribe to the blog by accepting the blogger feed at the bottom of every post or in the upper left corner of the blog. It doesn't cost a dime so grab the feed and link it on your pages. Coming up I have alot of comics to get through including some favorites; Nova, Guardians of the Galaxy, the aftermath of the Ultimatum Wave in Ultimate Fantastic Four and X-Men and the Superman:New Krypton series as well. So stay tuned, visit the blog often and leave comments and let me know what you think. Last note the server is back up, so go try out the new expansion and get over to your local comic book shop and see if they have some packs, get your friends involved and enjoy squaring off table side with your favorite heroes or villains, i know i will!

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