Secret Invasion #8

The question of the day for comic readers the world wide today is probably, what has Secret Invasion been for you? There are going to be many schools of thought on this, many will say it was garbage, and many will say it was great. You want a divergent view from my own? You can get one many places, but I am gonna roll Lebeau’s DC fanboy perspective on the lay down of Secret Invasion here on Readrant.wordpress.com. I am going to disagree with everything Lebeau probably said on his blog and I will tell you why, Secret Invasion has been something more than Bendis’ retcon storytelling, it has been a bridge to Marvel’s two universes, don’t understand, read on…

Like it or not, but believe it, there has been a war amongst Marvel Readers, there are those who love the terran comics and those who have loved the cosmos and each has been spectacular in their own right, but the problem has always been where do the two meet up? When was the last time the cosmos were as closely tied to the affairs of the terran comics as they were during stints such as The Infinity Gauntlet? It’s been awhile since the implications of either have affected the whole of the Marvel U and Secret Invasion was a way to Bridge those gaps, reintroduce old characters whose importance lingered in the shadow.

I mean we got the death of Janet Pym and the Return of the God of Thunder, Thor. We got the Rebirth of an Icon in the form of a new person upholding the persona in Captain America. We got the beginning of a whole new secret cabal on equal status with the once reigning Illuminati now disbanded in the form of the Dark Reign Illuminati; Norman Osborn, Loki, Doom, Namor, The Hood aka Dormammu incarnate and Emma Frost. That alone is going to have major implications on the future of the Marvel Universe. The biggest surprise is Norman Osborne’s Thunderbolts Initiative took front and center and nudged out everyone else, The lunatics are running the asylum, the Marvel U’s terran affairs have truly gone topsy-turvy. We got the rebirth of the Nova Corps and the rebirth of Wendell Vaughn aka Quasar, the reunion of Mockingbird and Clint Barton. Best of all we got what a lot of people wanted before the Iron Man movie came out and that was Tony Stark on the out with everyone and getting his just desserts for all the arrogance he has been displaying over the years. We got a Kree-Inhuman Alliance which is going to be a groundbreaking affair in 2009 when the Kree and Inhumans go to war with the Sh’iar and Emperor Vulcan.

Granted we got all of this at some sick expense and low budget enemy in the Skrulls. Yes, I said it, these little green men are like the night patrol men of the shopping mall with their flashlights, if you thought at one point they were going to do something significant then you were an idiot, pat yourself on the back and chase your tail dumb. Overall the boons of this invasion are bountiful with more questions and stories coming forth for the new year than can be displayed even by Joe Q in his Cup o’ Joe editorial.

Was this the epic event that Marvel was touting, no, but it is a prelude to what things may come in other books. I am more curious to read X-Men titles just so I can see when and where Emma Frost is going to turn on Cyclops and the X-Men. We have known Loki was going to get her revenge in Thor comics since Thor #4. Namor was also a give if you read Sub-Mariner: The Initiative. Osborn was no real surprise and nor was Doom if you were reading Thor comics. He and Loki were plotting in there. I will agree with Lebeau on a couple of things with regards to Secret Invasion #8, Thor’s awesomeness was Thor’s awesomeness. TBS and TBZ take notice and lets get a Full ASGARDIAN team in the Versus System TCG or I stop buying boxes. Damn I bought 6 boxes of MEV. Well Hope you enjoyed the review and don’t forget to swing by TCGplayer.com and check out the discussion boards there, If you have any questions about what went down in the Secret Invasion series, like why the Skrulls couldn’t replicate massive amounts of Blackbolt clones or other characters I’ll point you in the right direction…til this afternoon when we get New Avengers#47 up on the blog…

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