The Death of Darkseid!!!

Headlines everywhere today read "The Day the 4th World lost Darkseid, the most benevolent ruler of Apokolips."

If you have not been reading DC Comics "Countdown to Final Crisis" series then you probably have no clue what I am talking about. For those who have then this story is the recent in the laundry list of topsy turvy events in the DC Universe. For years we all have known that Darkseid would meet his fate at the hands of his son Orion, it was prophesied long ago and it has finally come to past.

Death of DarkseidDeath of DarkseidDeath of Darkseid

Countdown #2 was released this week and with it the most epic and shattering demise, probably greater than the death of Steve Rogers A.K.A Captain America, the Death of Darkseid. Man can you hear the mourning across the globe? Can you hear the cries coming from the firepits? Can you imagine Desaad cunning his rise to power? Yes, Darkseid has fallen.

Death of Darkseid Death of DarkseidDeath of Darkseid

When Jack Kirby created the New Gods and the 4th World there was no secret that the Gods were supposed to perish, just as the old Gods had, unfortunately there ending got lost in time and they remained in limbo hanging around as Superman's buddies and underclass foes. Jack Kirby never got to finish the story and they remained thus until now.

Death of DarkseidDeath of DarkseidDeath of Darkseid

We discovered in the Countdown series that Darkseid and one of the Monitors were playing a high stakes game of chess, with the balance and the fate of existence as the prize. Darkseid began killing off all the New Gods and storing their collective energies within Jimmy Olsen. Olsen was the safest place in the universe, close to Superman he would be protected and Darkseid would be capable of harnessing those energies at the right time.

Death of DarkseidDeath of DarkseidDeath of Darkseid

Darkseid error’s in calculation though when Ray Palmer, the Atom miniaturized into Jimmy Olsen and found the device implanted within that was storing all the New Gods life Force. Before mighty Darkseid he crushed the apparatus before dread Darkseid could rest control of the device. The Lord of Apokolips was distracted by the arrival of a very vehement and hell-bent bastard son, Orion, who arrived just in time to fulfill a prophecy foretold long ago. In The firepits of Darkseid's Heart Orion punch through his father's chest unleashing all of the Omega energies Darkseid once stole.

Today we mark the moratorium of dread Darkseid. May he rest in Hell!

Death of DarkseidDeath of DarkseidDeath of Darkseid

Images of Countdown #2 and Darkseid's Demise will be posted later today in this very post. So come back for digital scan badness of the demise of Dread Darkseid. To commemorate this sad day we will also have a very special Versus Reflection Card: Death of Darkseid. It will be created in the vain of DCX legacy content and somewhat of a legend feel as it will appeal to Orion's and the New Gods. I have to go cry now.


losthemisphere said...

I feel your pain, man. I was the same when Stilt-Man bit the big one.


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Darkseid hater said...

Ha, serves Darkseid right! I hate him because he makes me jealous due to his having what I want: power.

If I could, I'd drain all of Darkseid's powers from him and use them against him.


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