Okay Let me start by saying yeah I got a little behind in some of the previews this week, okay way behind. These previews have just been coming so fast. I don’t want to sound like I am complaining; in fact it is the opposite, Thank You UDE. You are giving the players what they want in a major way and this week has definitely been a blessing. Hulk in all his glory. While I sit back and think of the ways in which I could possibly break Hulk and his Warbound, I also have to be amazed by the flavor put into each card and the team theme has a Shadowpact feel to it, Get big and Strong at your own risk, but reap massive rewards. Okay, let’s do this by the numbers…

Up first we have Hulk, Worldbreaker. Its great Hulk is getting an 8 drop, we also know that he has a 3-cost character that was slipped earlier in the week. So, players have a full 3 to 8 curve of nothing but Hulk and ways to abuse him. The effect is nothing short of amazing and definitely rockets him up there with the top-tier 8 drops you can imagine to see play. The only thing is his drawback is limited to an X-Static, Villains United and now Warbound specific theme. In the Warbound theme we have already seen that going to turn 8 with Hulk will rarely happen.

Next we have a plot twist, The Strongest One There Is. The art is amazing. This is similar to a Darkseid Support card called No Match for Darkseid. The difference here is that it is stopping you from attacking down the curve into Hulk and it is KO’ing your character if you try. With this card in all possible Hulk decks, people will be thinking twice about attacking Hulk.

We then got a location, The Great Arena. This card is a Marriage made in heaven with Hulk’s existing ready effects like Righteous Anger. I will say no more. You think of how you can break this.

Just hours ago we got another preview in Hulk, Smash. This is a steroid Savage Beatdown, +8 Atk, this is a staple card in any Hulk deck, there are not many defensive pumps allowing you to get out of this. Might as well prepare the reinforcements because otherwise Hulk is breaking through to the other side and in dramatic fashion.

We also got a preview of a Marvel Ultimate card. Hulk, Ultimates looks like another heavy hitting bruiser much like his predecessors. Hulk goodies have prevailed this week shocking most I think more than last weeks Cap previews. Next Week is Iron Man what will we get next. Here is looking forward to Nova and Thor, please oh please let them be as epic as these cards.

If you are looking at getting into the game of Versus because you have got that itch to play a TCG where you get to slam your favorite Hero or Villain down onto the table to put the beat on your friends there is no better time. Worlds is open to all comers who can make it to Columbus, so go check out VSSystem.com for more information.

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