Nova #12

Nova keeps hitting shelves with a powerful force issue after issue. Changes in artist, no problem, changes in storyline, no problem the series keeps cranking out stunning issue after stunning issue and it doesn’t look like it is going to stop anytime soon. If I had to make any complaints at all it would be the last two or three pages of the issue. They seemed very watered down in terms of artistry and writing. Nova has had more serious and darker tones within each panel, even during the arc inside the Celestial Head when we were introduced to Cosmos. But these last few panels felt rushed and gimmicky, even the last image of Drax, Gamora and Nova looking up at the Sire Tyro and Warlock. As a matter of fact Drax says at one point he thinks he is going to be sick, I was slightly sickened by the rosy we can do anything now panels.

Nova #12,NovaTechnarch Siredam,Nova #12

The issue overall continued to provide what readers of the series would expect. Let me start from the beginning. When last we saw Nova he was on the Technarch home world, Kvch about to be killed by both Tyro’s siredam and the progression of the Techarch virus. Warlock refused to cure him instead choosing his own agenda. Things quickly change in this issue though as one might have expected. With the approaching siredam and knowledge now that Richard possesses the entirety of the Nova force Warlock makes a deal with Nova. He will cure him if he promises to fight the siredam long enough to allow Tyro to get away to safety. Warlock’s Life glow is used to cure Richard of the Techarch virus.

Technarch Siredam,Nova #12Technarch Siredam,Nova #12

Tyro is supposed to run, but he doesn’t. We knew this adolescent wouldn’t though. Instead he chooses to fight the siredam and easily “converts” the siredam, actually taking control of the siredam through his knowledge of Warlocks passed on genetic code. Apparently Warlocks pacifist coding is more powerful than even he knew. Figure this to play out in the conclusion of Annihilation Conquest as a means to bring down the Phalanx.

Nova #12,Warlock,TyroNova #12,Nova

This issue really serves as a sidebar to the Annihilation Conquest series and re-inserts the Nova character back into the fray at full power no less. Tyro also apparently has enough life glow that he is able to cure Gamora and Drax as well, but Gamora isn’t so happy about it. She had purpose as a Select. Cures she is however and now Richard will give her new purpose to help him fight the Phalanx. I am looking forward to the conclusion of Annihilation Conquest and seeing how these events will play into the Secret Invasion series.

Nova #12,TyroNova #12,Tyro

While the issue doesn’t really do much in the way of propelling the story forward to a new chapter in the Nova series it does wrap things up nicely albeit in a sometime corny way. I’m still a fan. I think you will be too if you pick up a copy at your local hobby shop or comic retailer. The series is very promising and I can’t wait to see where it goes after the conclusion of Annihilation Conquest.

Nova #12,Nova,Gamora,Drax,Tyro,Warlock

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