Marvel Universe Previews continue to roll off the minds of the guys at R&D for VS System and onto the Digital World Wide Web. These first previews popped up on the grid on Facebook. This week VS System is sporting some Iron Man card content and i am not going to complain. He still rates on my scale of most arrogant characters in the Marvel Universe, but that Thor has tore him a good one and Robert Downey Jr. will be featured as the tin can man in the upcoming movie is making me like him just a little.

This week started off with a low whisper as the previews were posted on facebook moments ago. So into the night they went up and now you who swing by are getting to see them on this blog. There roar is louder than their bite in my opinion as well. With the steam rolling Hulk Week Did for both flavor and impact effects i can't soundly say these compete.

First up is Iron Man, Mighty Avenger. This card isn't bad, but it isn't ground-breaking or World Shattering like any of the Hulk's previews. It is rare and i think that will raise some eyebrows because this could have easily fit somewhere in the uncommon category that is a matter of opinion though. The effect will trigger nicely so long as you manage to protect Iron Man from being attacked first. Leader always makes me feel like i am playing a game of chess and i love that about this keyword mechanic. Hitting the board at a cost of 4 i am almost positive we will probably see better suited cards that we will much rather play at this drop. I just have a feeling.

Next we have Nick Fury, Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. I hate this card! Why? Well, it points to the very thing most of us casual gamers hate about the current meta of the game, rush. Yes, i hate rush and this card is suited for that. You know what i can see abusing this card with? Sea Creatures or The Infinites. Some of the army characters we have had springing up make cards that allow you to play more of them for practically free down right disgusting and good ol' Nick is bound to be a contributor to this. You know why? Because he is concealed. The only drawback is it's once per turn, but that isn't so bad you are still getting an extra character into play.

Last we have Stark's Armory. This card will be a stample of any Iron Man Legend Deck. Its a great way of keeping your Iron Man at every turn higher than opposing drops. For instance, lets say we have a turn 4 play of Iron Man, Mighty Avenger. He becomes a 8/8 character. If we have a turn 5 Iron Man of some sort before we KO our 4 cost Iron Man we can move counters around using Stark Armory and increase the size of our next Iron Man. This is a good card it's that simple.

I'm looking forward to the rest of the week's previews. these are a good basis for the Avengers and SHIELD team. Lets see some more.

Look forward to Reviews later this week of Thor #8. Be kind Kind and vote for Darkseid Revenge on VS Network. Til next time...



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