Much ranting, raving and gossiping is going on the various blogs and sites about the future of Versus today. One thing is for sure and confirmed over on VS SYSTEM.COM by David Humphreys and that is there will more than likely not be a DC set this year. The next scheduled set is Marvel Evolution which will feature a number of the X teams, Sinister's Marauders and plenty more from the Messiah Complex storyline.

I am not going to lie and say i am particularly pleased by this development, but i am not jumping off Versus just yet. I am mostly dissappointed that i will be seeign the X-Men again as another feature in yet another set. I am tired of these guys, but what the hell right we could get better Legend content, so i'll ride the wind and see where it takes me.

This really doesn't come as a surprise to me. DC has not been the brightest with their licensing the best move they have made is the Batman franchise other than that gold mine i can't really look at anything they have licensed and give it two thumbs up. This Final Crisis event hasn't been exciting and two years of comic weeklies that have been uninspired. The movies and animated features aren't that great either.


Now that we have that update out of the wat let's discuss the two MUN previews we got today. First up was a fan favorite, Squirrel Girl. I'm not a fan, but for those who are they will be happy to see this entry in the MUN set as a member of SHIELD. Obviously SHIELD will have an army theme because she fits perfectly in with Nick Fury. In fact this team is getting a little reminiscent of the Manhunters. I am not stoked, but she allows you to get an army character card into play for. How useful will she be i am not too sure. she herself is a 1-cost character. Unless the team shows more of this army style deck play i dont think she will be inserted into too many decks. I never play 1-cost characters unless the effect is going to be impactful.

Shield Agents was our other preview. And here is our army character with a nice burn effect. This is minimal damge til you figure the ways to recur these characters into play. Again there are still more impactful army characters in the game i dont know that i am basing a whole deck around getting these little guys into play for 2endurance burn when they enter play. Though i could see doing somethng crazy along the lines of teaming them up with Kree so i can abuse the press mechanic and get some major burn. I htink that works, but i am not fond of rush decks as i have said.

I am looking forward to the God of Thunder preview later this week. til then hopefully it will coincide with this weeks VS Reflection and Thor# 8 review.



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