Cable #3

Have you ever looked at something and thought; “Wow! That looks great!” and then examined it and thought; “Wow! What a piece of crap!” Its kind of like that night when you take your girl out to a fancy French restaurant and you order something really weird from the menu and the waiter sits it at your table with a smile and it looks really good, but you find out it just isn’t edible at all.

Yeah, these are my thoughts when I think about the new Cable series. Honestly, the character has not had a successful series yet and I don’t think this will change that. Swierczynski and Olivetti team up to bring this story about Cable running with the first baby born after the House of M series, so you would think there would be a story of intrigue and cross-series style reading. You couldn’t be disappointed in a bigger way than what you get.

Cable #3 is the third chapter in the War Baby series. For three issues now Cable has been on the run from Bishop and barely doing anything at all to be truthful. The series ought to be entitled Bishop because he was featured more prominently in the series thus far than Cable. In Cable # 2 Bishop finally met up with Cable and I was poised for there to be a good showdown between the two, nope the issue ended with Bishop hurling a semi at a cowering and powerless Cable clutching onto the baby.

Cable # 3 picked up right where this left off and what we get is the sorriest issue of the series yet. The entire issue focuses on a captured and tortured Bishop, who is all too happy for the beating for obvious reasons and a Cable being nursed by an inhabitant of the time they are currently occupying who is all too happy to explain what is going on and who the Transit Authority is. So are you excited yet? No, I am not either.

At this point I am just looking for a new writer to take the helm of this sinking ship. It is really sad too because Olivetti’s art is just magnificent, a little drab and not very dynamic, but it still looks very fluid and realistic which I can appreciate. If I were an artist I would just say there really isn’t anything worth drawing for. The majority of the panels Cable is featured in he is lying on a floor being lectured by this woman. Bishop is tied up being propositioned by these thugs…just very uninspiring.

Unless something really dramatic occurs Cable #5 will probably be my last read and that just because I hate to end the write-ups in the middle of a story arc. Sound off if you like and let me know what you think.

As a side-note DC has finally entered its Final Crisis, Yay! This finally gives me something worthy to write about for them. It’s not that JSA or JLA haven’t been good reads for me as of late. Before the Final Crisis series’ starts there are a lot I will take a look back to some key issues in the Justice Like Lightning Saga and DC Universe 0 which featured the return of another speedster, Barry Allen!

Also we have the start of our Hidden Gems series. OUr first installment will feature Moon Knight. If you the readers like the Moon Knight storyline then we will bring it on as on-going series, if you don't then it will remain a Hidden Gem. Cable should have probably started out this way now that i think of it. For me by now it is clear which series are favorites for those who frequent this blog and Nova and Thor are definitely it.

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