Nova #13

Nova #13
The last remaining Nova Centurion, Keeper of the entire Nova Force, a planet facing Armageddon, Galactus and his herald, the Silver Surfer…

I don’t know about you, but that looks like a serious comic book to me. Nova #13 hit the shelves this past Wednesday and I would have posted this review first if we were not in the thick of things with Marvel Universe Previews and the Illuminati, especially since this is definitely one of my favorite top three comics being published right now. Don’t get mad at me either I told you comic reviews would be coming like lightning this month, just so much to cover and not enough time especially with Marvel Universe previews. Later today we have the latest MUN preview and then snapshots of the Eternals preview. I’ll give you guys a summation on Neil Gaiman’s godly creation.

Once again I want to thank gdaybloke for helping Darkseid Revenge out and sharing the love over on Lost Hemisphere for the work being put out here. Those guys have some great content over there. I am hoping that they do another Crime Lords style month again.

Nova #13Nova #13

Right off the heels of Annihilation Conquest you would think Lanning and Abnett would give Nova some time to take a break slowly lure the readers in with small scale policing situations. They respond to that assumption with an emphatic, we don’t think so! Responding to the most urgent of distress calls Richard Rider is facing the threat of Galactus, Devourer of Worlds. Nova knows this is not a battle he can win and Abnett and Lanning don’t even attempt to make this a David versus Goliath battle. Instead, they wisely opt for the more sensible approach focusing on the destruction of the world and Nova’s attempts to save the people in it.

Nova #13Nova #13

At first glance you would think that would be one hell of a story to write about and you could leave it at that, right? No, Lanning and Abnett instead hone in on issues of morality as Richard is faced with being more than just a cop, but somewhat of a savior to the meek inhabitants of this world as their leadership wants Nova to save the aristocracy. This is a means for Lanning and Abnett to explore the personality and character of Richard Rider more and they do so well entwining that with the all the chaos going on around.

Nova #13Nova #13

After having him running through the perils of Conquest we finely get to him, who is Richard Rider and we get to know him in a very dramatic way, this is the Long Island kid who joined the Nova Corps and he will do anything it takes to save the universe.

Nova #13Nova #13Nova #13

As a thumbs up though to Lanning and Abnett the situation doesn’t get any easier to write about when they introduce a third villain in the form of a spirit jumping body snatcher with an extreme homicidal tendencies. When I say Richard is dealing with a lot, I mean he is dealing with a lot. The best part of the issue for many will undoubtedly be the 2-panels where Richard Rider confronts, rather begs Galactus to give him time to save the people. Wellinton Alves’ visuals are awesome, some of the best I have seen in giving Galactus that grandiose larger than existence image.

Nova #13

The last page is foreboding and will probably be the biggest showdown in comics this year, Silver Surfer versus Nova. While these panels are probably going to be the standouts believe me there are a lot of other moments in the issue that many other readers will love just as equally. I love the way a story unfolds and how writes like Lanning are capable of weaving character development and action seamlessly. The Nova series finally has to stand on its own two feet without helping support from a mega-event and it looks poised to do just fine.

The Marvel Universe set is supposed to explore the Annihilation series and I can’t wait to see what they do with Richard Rider and the rest of the Infinity Watch members that should make up the United Front team. Other than the Thor series this is one I will definitely keep a close eye on.


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