DC Universe #0: Part 1

DC Universe #0 hit the store shelves and for DC fans this means what another reboot? Maybe, but it also signals what DC is claiming will be the Final Crisis to shape and change the DC Universe. Well, I have long been a DC fanboy and I am not ashamed to admit that. DC’s storylines especially countdown have been uninspired and diluted of any real clear meaning. I am hoping that they somehow have gotten the ship on the correct course and are steering it toward grandeur.

The reason I am writing up this post is two-fold. One, it was asked about the return of Barry Allen on VSrealms. Well what better than to show you that very return as it was in the pages of DC Universe. I will later this week attempt a walk down theory in showing the highlighted significance of Barry Allen’s return in the Justice Like Lightning saga as it was told in the JSA and JLA series. The second reason is to give you the viewers of this blog what titles in the DC Universe you could look forward to viewing in the upcoming months.

Let me start by saying if the series is within the pages and/or pertaining to the Final Crisis event then odds are you will find reviews of that series here on Darkseid Revenge. Here are the main DC series that will be reviewed on this site…

I hope that alone peeks your interest for continued viewing of my blog, if not a reason to vote for Darkseid Revenge on VS Network.

Now onto this issue review! Dan DiDio confirmed on Newsarama.com that DCU #0 would serve as an entry point for new readers and a in between the Countdown series and the Final Crisis series. Well what better way to make sales than to sell the issue at 50 cents a pop and to foretell the return of one of DC’s greatest heroes, Barry Allen, The Flash.

From the very cover we are bombarded with the massiveness of an Epic event like Final Crisis and how broad reaching its ramifications should be within the DCU, but behind this approach lays the return of Barry Allen and his words acting as whispers behind the events within the DCU leading up to Final Crisis, getting louder and clearer as each pages is flipped until finally we are given his return, so to speak.

Each new page has a little more telling the stories of the respective hero and giving them their place and setting for their respective series. Now I can tell you I am looking forward to the Batman R.I.P. series as well as the Green Lantern Blackest Night story. Both seem to be inspired and on their way to being great events with respect to the characters. I am not exactly all up in arms about the others as I am not sure how great they will be, but I will read them either way.

Grant Morrison and Geoff Johns do well in introducing the readers to the current status of DC’s favorites as well as using Barry as a backdrop to the whole story. When I first read through the issue I missed out on some of the clues that it was indeed the return of Barry Allen vice the prelude to the revelation of some greater evil that would herald the Final Crisis, but the mystery was in the words and partly the pictures and it only took but a second read through to remove the veil of stupidity which clouded my eyes. What will be really cool to see with Final Crisis is how this is going to affect the lives of our hero’s families, I hope not in any more Sue Dibny rape sort of ways. But you never know Dr. Light is on the preview for one of the storylines and Dan and company have stated this will affect families as well… oh lord!

Countdown had a lot of hype and promise and managed to fulfill none, in the end it ultimately boiled down to two years of weekly purchases that only foretold the Death of the New Gods and the destruction of the Fourth World, which could have been done in probably half the time. There was still some interesting points in the story that just never played out well, but on the upside of things it did lead into the Final Crisis story well and hopefully DC can do something with that. I don’t think they can count on a lot of continued readers carrying over from the countdown series as I am sure many bailed out on that adventure long ago.

Well, until I can get scans up of the Death of the New Gods, which will complete the Death of Darkseid (sob, sob!!!) and the Justice Like Lightning Scans hold onto these and enjoy.

Now i am not Riddler wunderkind and I wont be figuring out the clues here anytime soon, but i bet your bottom dollar there are a bunch of them on this last page as was hinted at. One thing that stands out like a sore-thumb is that blackboard in the background and i Definitely see some mention of our 31st Century Darkseid pal in there with perhaps some mention of the Mockeries, so maybe our Final Crisis storyline will reawaken the Dark Lord of Apokolips and retcon our Legion of Super-Heroes somehow. Either way Help me figure this out. Cya Soon...


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