Just a short update on the blog! First I have added the community blog roll. I really must thank gdaybloke for this as it was he who inspired me to say hey these blogs are a part of the larger community. To the left are some of the blogs I frequent the most, so take a look at them and see if there is anything you like about them.

Kamiza has been a long standing member of the VS community and both VS Network and the-Kamiza.com are excellent sources of material. Lost Hemisphere has a number of writers over there, Crime Lords month was an innovative idea. T-Man’s blog is a great source of information on card rulings, he is definitely a rules there is no better place than T-Man’s blog other than directly from UDE itself, Consulting the Orb is a great series going on over there. I just started viewing Kalee’s blog after his longest ever preview article, but he has some interesting things going on over so take a look.

VS System is about to get a much needed injection of adrenaline with the Marvel Universe set that is due out mid-June. If you love the game do your best to get to your local hobby store and pre-order the set. You can do so online as well. I like to shop at www.coolstuffinc.com where they have the best deals around as far as I can tell.

I told you guys that reviews on comics and on-going series would be coming at a rapid pace this month, I wasn’t lying. As my Comic base broadens so will the reviews and scans. Unfortunately I have been blocked from Photobucket at work so getting some things done during my down time has been limited.

There is a lot to look forward to this month and coming months. Today I will go pick up Guardians of The Galaxy which is written by none other than Abnett and Lanning. Everything these two touches are turning to gold so hopefully Guardians will as well. On top of that we still have another edition of VS Reflections: Thor coming up, I hope you enjoyed VS Reflections: Howling Commandos. Next week we get another look at the new Howling Commando in Mighty Avengers #14 and we still have our Hidden Gem review of Moon Knight. All of this and more along with reviews of MUN preview cards. Standby…



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