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Okay, so I have been promising the return of VS Reflections and I am going to start owning up to that promise. Other than the MUN previews this blog is starting to lose its balance which I am striving to maintain. To relate the source material to the game we love and hopefully create a bounty of fantasy cards that reflect. Maybe even inspire the boys over at UDE to get on this wagon of flavor that they seem to be doing so well with in MUN.

Well, today starts that process of returning the balance to the force. We have 6 fantasy cards straight from the pages of Mighty Avengers and the return of Nick Fury’s Howling Commandos. Sgt Fury and his Howling Commandos was a fictional World War II unit in the Marvel Universe, these were a group of non-powered soldiers, now Nick has his new team of Howling Commandos with superpowers.

So in Mighty Avengers #13 Daisy Johnson started looking for a list of “Caterpillars,” people with powers that were flying under the radar of the government that only Nick Fury knew about, most of these caterpillars seem to be the sons and daughters of previously villainous natures.

Let’s look at our cards…

First up we have two iterations of Daisy Johnson; Rogue Agent and Quake. When I started thinking about what was presented for Daisy Johnson I had two ideas in mind for her because she doesn’t have a card in the VS TCG and representation of her needed to be shown to give her merit.

Daisy Johnson was a recruited S.H.I.E.L.D agent, who was the daughter of Mister Hyde, Calvin Zabo, a super villain. She was featured during the “Secret War” series and displayed great capabilities. While never really taking the moniker “Quake,” Daisy Johnson said she would if she were allowed to join the Avengers. Daisy has the ability to generate seismic activities and once used this power to defeat Magneto. I like this particular card because I feel it fits in with her abilities as shown, she is a relative unknown, but her power is sizeable, sizeable enough to take down Magneto, Plot Induced Stupidity or otherwise.

Her second version is more reflective of where she stands in the comic currently. She is Nick Fury’s right hand and is obviously playing recruiter. Now although she is not dual affiliated I made her ability a return to hand based effect to play well with the S.H.I.E.L.D team theme where character cards in hand pay dividends later on. I didn’t want her effect to be too powerful, especially not knowing how well rally will fit into the game, but I know I want to use it for future fantasy cards for the team.

Next we have Nick Fury and if you read any of the Mighty Avengers #13 or #12or simply have been following Marvel over the past 3 years you know this guy has a knack for staying hidden. I wanted to show that and play on the “Secret War” series, how he managed to get all of these heroes together and carry out his own agenda was absolutely beautiful. This card I believe shows off his ability to grab people to the hidden area and stamping it as Leader shows the type of guy Nick Fury is. As the lone non-powered person in the heroes business he seems very capable of getting the super powered to follow him.

I then decided on putting forth the rest of the team leaving out Doctor Druid’s son who has no name and Jerry Sledge whose abilities are unidentified at this moment.

Instead we have Ares’ son, Phobos aka Alex Aaron who we know has the power to control fear. I loved stamping his ability to the combat phase and that we haven’t seen more of what he can do I thought exhausting a character out of combat would be a great idea. If you have not noticed by now the team is following a very “out of combat” feel and I like that a lot.

Yo-Yo Rodriguez was a little harder to design for in terms of fitting another speedster into the Versus game and making her different to get you the reader looking at the card and saying wow, I like what you did. So what I did was tie two abilities together that I like, rally and back-up. Her ability is a free card draw, but as we know from rally this is pretty much going to be luck especially at the two drop, but otherwise she is a card draw and if you can break her with cards that get her in and out of play she could do wanders for your team. Her second ability was something I thought reflective of her speedster abilities, but it seems tied to her abilities as displayed. It is sort of a rewind; draw card and then discard a card to ready her it takes her right back to where she started. Of all the cards designed I like this one the most.

Lastly we had J.T. who is the son of the Original Ghost Rider and his abilities were a lot easier to interpret. We know pretty much most of the Ghost Riders that we have seen have operated on a vengeance ability well I wanted to keep that on J.T., but I wanted something that was reflective of the team theme being out of combat shenanigans and I think I accomplished that. With him on turn 5 and Daisy on 6 it would be a very interesting combat.

Feel free to leave comments on these VS Reflections Fantasy Cards. If you would like to submit your own then please feel free to email me on either VSrealms or TCGplayer my nick is Neil04. On another note i haven't forgotten about the MUN previews at all, those will still be posted with my take on them. I will play Catch Up today with them, but they will be updated in that one spot throughout the week.

VS Reflections Thor will also be returning soon and hopefully many people will get excited about that. Nova may join the fray depending on what UDE pumps out for that rag tag team of cosmic Heroes.


thebraveandtheblog said...

These are some interesting cards. I'm especially loving "Yo Yo." It's such a simple ability, but definitely adds up over the course of a game. Here's hoping Fury and his new Howling Commandos make an appearance in VS. at some point.

And that 'Quake' Daisy is really quite broken. It's not even limited to 'once per turn!'


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