CIty Champs Are Back!!!!

Marquee Event: Vs. System Marvel Golden Age “Bring Your Own Team”

This marquee event is a City Championship event. City Championship tournaments must be Silver Age.

1st Place: (4) MUL014 Mr. Fantastic and 1 VS OP MUN Iron Man City Champs T-shirt
2nd – 4th Place: (3) MUL013 Human Torch Promo Cards each
Participation: (1) MUL015 Ultimate Human Promo Card

City Champs can be held from Aug 20 to Sep 17.
Hobby Open Order Date:
August 5, 2008

Order Deadline Date:
August 15, 2008

It's a real short solicitation period so make sure you tell your stores to order the kits!!

Weekly Hobby League Promos:
Suggested Weekly Prize Distribution
1st Place: (4) MUL018 Thor Promo Card
2nd – 4th Place: (1) MUL017 Liberation Day Promo Card (three total per week)
Participation: (1) MUL016 Hank Pym Promo Card (first week only)

City Champs are back so you guys down at Groovy Geckos in Williamsburg inform your local store so i can come and play with you guys. T'CHalla will be attending with me as he has moved back to Virginia. Please dont let the Tourney date be before August 30th. Kard Krazy if you guys are having a tourney before then i will be down in your area from the 17th of August to the 30th of August.

Everyone inform you store owners so we can get more players in on this.
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