Avengers/Invaders #4

Avengers Invaders was a new series that I picked up off the shelves just recently. I read through some of the 1st issue and decided I needed to get caught up on the back story of everything that was going on. This was a series I had originally passed by because it was the Invaders and I am not a huge fan of the Invaders even with Captain America on the team, but let me tell you that was a mistake. For a limited series the Avengers Invaders ties really well into current continuity and allows the reader to adapt his/her mind around the concept which is very interesting.

Four issues into it now and the series is still kicking strongly with great writing and ok artwork, which was a real surprise to me given Alex Ross is working on the story. It isn’t that the artwork is not good, its just very retro in my opinion. I guess I am a child of the modern era and just like the cleaner lines and more dynamic panels, but even that is subjective.

The Invaders have finally escaped their holding cells and are causing havoc aboard the Helicarrier and things only heat up as they are joined by the Secret Avengers who have been teleported aboard by Dr. Strange who has figured out the source of the time manipulation, the cosmic cube. He realizes that history is being rewritten even now and he needs to stop it before it gets out of control, but the others are unaware. It’s got to be hard on all the Avengers seeing the real Cap back in action whooping butts, especially there butts.

Namor is handed him his rear by the current Namor who has now taken the stance that his place is no longer of the surface world. The younger Namor joins the fray just before Bucky is interrupted by his future self donning the Captain America costume and Shield. What happens next is sure to be one hell of a ride.

I really like this series, the writing is good, the concept is good and the artwork is not too hard to get over. It just reminds me of reading an old comic book at times, but its good. I definitely suggest the Avenger Invaders series as a must read. Ill be keeping my watchful eye on the series. You can check out more scans of Avengers/Invaders by scrolling down on the main page and choosing Avengers/Invaders #1-3.

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