Hulk #5: Thor vs. Hulk

This review I probably wouldn’t even be doing if Thor was not involved, but after reading this less than epic showdown I really wonder why I am reviewing it anyway. As it is part of the continuity of the Marvel Universe is my only answer. Thor and Hulk have had show downs in the past and this showdown is not really between the two Goliaths unless Red Hulk really turns out to be Hulk. I am also not a fan of the ongoing series that are presented for the Hulk. Planet Hulk and World War Hulk was cool because they presented Hulk in a different Manor, here we get right back to the same old green Hulk.

The fight is only interesting in the respect that we see the smart Red Hulk doing battle with Thor, but its kind of stupid and childish because we have this whole updated Red Hulk battling Loeb’s version of the God of Thunder who is NOT the God of Thunder. Yes, the Thor being presented in these pages looks like the God of Thunder in the new series, the clothes he is wearing definitely look the same, but this is not the same Thor, this is like child’s play Saturday morning kids cartoon version of an old arrogant Thor.

I really wanted to tear up this book for that fact. Everyone wanted to see Thor and Hulk get down at the conclusion of the World War Hulk series and this looked like the first chance to get that showdown, but we didn’t get that at all. The new updated, smarter, calmer even more powerful Thor is not presented anywhere in these pages, so if you were hoping for that, put this down.

Thor is thoroughly handed his butt by the Red Hulk, much like every other person including Uatu the Green Hulk and A-Bomb have. Its been a battle where the Red Hulk has mentally dissected his opponents. I don’t even know where the Red Hulk has come from or why the Green Hulk is running around stupid. I can only guess the two split or something, but I am not into dumb rampaging Hulk. Either way the Red Hulk makes the comment that he has been studying Thor, when for the past two years he has been dead? We saw in the Thor ongoing that not even Iron Man who is a way better strategist than most in the Marvel U was unprepared for the new levels of power Thor possessed as the Lord of Asgard.

This battle went all kinds of crappy and the artwork looked all kind of cartoony for both Thor and Hulk. There were some good double page layouts, but damn do I hate Loeb after this fiasco. You want to feel disappointed then look no further. I should have taken the cue from Hulk #4 when Red Hulk punched Uatu and that looked cartoony as hell. I will be waiting until they get the Hulk back to planet Hulk/World War hulk status before I even think of picking up another issue of the Hulk ongoing. This takes way too much Plot Induced Stupidity to even be thought of as plausible even in the world of comics. Crappy job Loeb and McGuinness way to soil a character just in order to get some readers.

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