Eternals #3

Thus far the Eternals series has been hyping a lot and giving a little, but what they have been giving is all the goods on the Marvel Universe and Eternals #3 continues with that quest for knowledge. I definitely got my fair share of water from the hose when I was reading the Eternals #3 preview. Eternals #1 and #2 have been a plethora of information for everything one might want to know about the cosmic beings and their place within the Marvel U.

There is not much to reveal here about what is going on in Eternals #3 it is following the same premise that the last two issues has followed. The Eternals are trying to find all the sleeping Eternals and wake them in preparation for the arrival of the Horde; they are racing against Druig who wants to be the lead Eternal for his own egotism. Now we have a third player in the mix, Ajak who is apparently jealous of Makkari’s bond with the Dreaming Celestial. This is probably because he feels his role is diminished as a member of the Eternals. Ajak was the Eternal who communicated with the Eternals prior to these events.

Along with Ajak’s turncoat we also see Thena’s son Joey being used by the Horde to gather information on the Eternals through Zuras, the leader of the Eternals. Everything they need to know about the Eternals offense and defense capabilities, Joey has access to. There is definitely a lot of espionage going on in the Marvel Universe lately. Along with these events Ajak has found Gilgamesh, The Forgotten One and tricked his mind into believing Ikaris, Zuras and Thena are his enemies.

Along with all of this we get the back-story on how the Dreaming Celestial ended up asleep and buried here on Earth. There was also a little clue as to what all the cosmic beings in the Marvel U exist for, service to the Fulcrum. I wonder if this includes the Big G and others like him. Either, way Eternals #3 was an interesting read, better than Eternals #2, the art still lies in there as a little out there, but it comes across well in this series.

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