Batman #679

I’m almost all Bat-ted out. I haven’t really gotten around to posting reviews for anything else but Batman this week or writing about anything but Batman this week that I am exhausted on Batman at the moment. Luckily today I can write the last of my reviews for the week and only Batman #679 has anything to do with Batman. I mean I hope you have been intrigued by Morrison’s story and all it only got more interesting in Batman #679. Let me stop typing nonsense and get to the review.

In Batman #678 we found our hero at the ends of his wits and broken down by the Black Glove, it looked as if he was poised to make the journey back toward finding himself, but instead we found him finding another within, The Batman of Zur-En-Arrh! This Batman my friends is not your day-to-day Batman, as a matter of fact this is more Punisher than Batman or as Batman says, its what you get when you remove Bruce Wayne from the equation. They never show Batman beating the snot out of this Joker look-alike, but it is implied that is just what he has done.

Batman is running rampant with reckless abandon through Gotham trying to get to the Black Glove although there is some slight hints of a method to his madness, even if those moments come in the form of him talking to himself, gargoyles or Bat-mite. I can’t even begin to explain the reason Bat-mite is around, but I guess if Bruce’s world is crumbling you might as well throw in every thing and everyone in the story.

We even have the Black Glove taunting Alfred with tabloid stories of him being Batman’s father, before heading off to make some kind of preparations at Arkham Asylum which the Black Glove is in charge of the Asylum and instituting some very unique methods of correction.

This issue is brutal as it deals with what is possibly Batman in a different light than we have ever known him to be, but perhaps pre-programmed by himself as a failsafe for just a situation. There is so much going on and not going on in this series its still too hard to make heads or tails of what Morrison is planning. The story was written well and I definitely felt that delusional undertone of the issue. The story is coming to its climax and its going to be exciting, but I doubt the big change in the Batman Universe many of us were expecting. One other note the cover which I am assuming was done by Tony Daniel is the best cover I have seen in a little while, it definitely had an Alex Ross feel, but it’s the type of art that I love.

I am looking forward to the next issue where we may get a showdown between Batman and The Joker, you got to love that, until then look forward to Secret Invasion #5 and more before next Wednesday here on Darkseid Revenge.

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