Secret Invasion #5

Secret Invasion is finally getting into gear, thank god! The past two months have been back story and everything surrounding the Invasion has been better than the actual invasion. Funny enough that we are 5 issues into the main story line and the Invasion is just being announced to the world. Yes, in Secret Invasion #5 we finally get the announcement of the impending threat to the world that the Skrulls are landing or rather have landed. Let’s looks at the outcome.

It’s not as if things would not be happening at a very rapid pace, but they certainly feel slow, especially when you are reading the main book and then being bombarded by back story. Personally I am of the opinion that if you had to do this much retcon to make the story work and had to feed it to us in side issues so that we could see the breadcrumbs exactly as you intended without being able ourselves to go back and read it, then it probably was a retcon.

Much like my take on Morrison’s Final Crisis I am of the same sound mind about Bendis’ take on the Secret Invasion. I am a little more onboard with his work because of the characters involved, The Avengers. They are att he forefront of the Marvel Universe again. The X-Men are dealing with their own Messiah Complex and are not stars of the series which really makes me happy. Secret Invasion #5 delivers some of the goods, by finally getting to the point, most of the things that happen in this book could have been done in the sides and or should have been in Secret Invasion #2.

Remember, Reed Richards was kidnapped and placed on display like jelly, well we find out the reason and he is saved by Agent Brand who manages to stowaway aboard the Skrull vessel. The Skrulls apparently needed Reeds mind in order to kick off the invasion, why is not explained Reed is just aware of this when he comes to and he knows what he needs to do in order to halt this invasion.

Next we now know who in the Savage land is and is not Skrulls and guess what Tony is definitely not a Skrull. Clinton Barton’s wife is though and he is extremely pissed off about that situation. Reed lands in the middle of this warring faction and shoots some sort of disruptor ray that pretty much turns off the Skrull Camo. I was more interested in finding out what was going on with Nick Fury and his Howling Commando’s, but we only got treated to glimpses of them. On top of all this remember Maria Hill aboard the carrier and Jarvis making demands of her, well 5 issues in and we finally realize that Maria Hill is a Life Model Decoy, the real Maria Hill jetpacks off into the sky as she destructs the Helicarrier., Wow! Five issues for this, we are almost at the end of this invasion series and it took 5 issues to get to this.

Listen Bendis in my opinion is about a good a writer as, well forget the analogy the way he strings a story together is just retarded. Secret Invasion 5 and all of this is stuff that should really ought to have been in sides so the main book could progress the story, instead we have had two to three months of side stories that deal with Bendis’ imposed retcon of the whole affair. I am still stuck on Tony not being a Skrull, not because I believe he is, but because I think he has something to do with the whole invasion, I am still questioning who is this “He” the Skrulls are speaking of.

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