I have to say thanks many thanks first and foremost to the individuals who have put their time and effort into providing a DC set for the fans of the Versus System DC expansion. With the current negotiations between UDE and DC for licensing who knows when we will get a DC expansion again in the Versus TCG? The one thing for sure is this proves that fans of the game want DC to make the right choice and will find ways to play the TCG in anyway possible. So, thanks to you guys who created such great fan cards.

The first card I was given to preview for the fan created DCU set is Batman, Always Prepared. I love this card and I hope DC gets its head screwed on soon and that UDE takes note of cards created by the fans because this is the kind of flavor the game needs. As a rare we are sure not to see this card floating around in a lot of places and that is as it should be, but when it hits play it’s doing so with a tremendous impact.

“Equipment cards in your row have reservist.”

This is a phrase that literally plays with the rules of versus in a way that the rules may need amendments to. In the Versus TCG the only cards that have the keyword Reservist are characters, which means you are able to recruit them from your Resource Row and place them in play. After doing so you place the top card of your Deck in place of that Resource. I know many of you are like why the hell did he say that, well for the Versus enthusiast I want to make sure you see where I am going with this and for those who haven’t played Versus it’s a quick lesson.

I really want to play a Gotham Knights/Fantastic Four deck at this point just to find ways to break this card along with good old stretch, Mr. Fantastic. The Flavor text is what wraps this card up brilliantly; “Where does he get those wonderful toys?” If I remember correctly that is a line the Joker spouted in Tim Burtons Batman movie. When Batman is in the comics it definitely seems like he has a gadget for every situation and they are coming from everywhere on his person and around him, you would think we was a clown with huge pants, this card definitely reflects that and looks like it could fit in a lot of equipment abuse decks, but it keeps it contained by adding that Loyalty keyword. Some people won’t like this but he is a surefire way to abuse cards like the Fate Artifacts and you might as well throw in a Hellboy team-up as well.

Next, up is a card that pretty much is the hallmark of the DCU, Trinity! You don’t read DC comics without knowing these three individuals. If you have been reading the Trinity weekly then you know the number of ways these characters personalities and natures can be applied to perspective within the DCU. Will this be a hard card to pull off is the question.

With a Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman occurring at almost every drop from turn 3 on may be not so difficult. The earliest you could see play is on Turn 5, unless you use cards that are going to give names to characters you control, *hint*. Personally, I see this card making its way into a lot of Bizarro decks as well for abuse. Him and the Captain from Nextwave could benefit greatly from cards like these. The three effects triggering off this card are not bad at all; Negation, increased stats and deck filtering.

I love the direction these guys have taken with creating the DCU set and everything they have pumped out thus far has looked good. Some stuff maybe a little too powerful and some stuff underpowered, but the effort and attention to detail are great and groundbreaking. We may never see these cards in use at tournament play but they will see a lot of attention for those wanting that DC feel in the Versus TCG until DC gets off their asses and gives the fans of the Versus TCG what they want.

Stay Tuned to Darkseid Revenge where later today we wrap up Batman week with a review of Batman #679. Where is Batman? What is the Batman of Zur-en-arrh?, and what does the Black Glove have up their sleeve next, stay tuned, same bat-channel, same bat-time!

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Please Dc. Release. I'm not buying any cards until Dc comes out.


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