Final Crisis #3

Yes, I know I am a bit delayed on getting these reviews out this week, but I had a lot going on this week, but I promise not to disappoint. We will get the ball rolling with a review of Final Crisis #3, which is almost midway through its seven issue run. Final Crisis #1 and #2 were nothing to be antsy about and #3 may or may not be either depending on your own opinion.

In my opinion it was a good delivery with some weak points here and there. Nothing about it made me feel like the DCU was in any sort of Crisis or great level threat until the very last pages of the issue. There is a lot thrown at the reader in this issue, which begins to tie up some loose ends and makes some already obvious revelations as well as bringing up new questions. The main thing is we see Wonder Woman as a focal point of the Final Crisis in a major way. I’ll get to that in a minute.

The artwork on this series has not been the greatest quality and the artwork is still being done by the same man, so there really isn’t much question as to its level of quality here. You either like J.G. Jones’ style or you don’t and I can’t say I am a fan. Everything seems rather tattered and torn and dark, but almost on the verge of sloppy to be truthful. The art really looks like paint by numbers. The dark heavy shadows do well to convey the undertones of the series, but don’t do much for the display of action or to make the reader feel drawn into the world. It gets worst when Jones transitions to day time panels. In one panel I was questioning whether he was going for a Deadpool type effect with Green Arrow, he is looking right into the distance while talking to Canary who is behind him, but it is like he is saying the line at the reader?!?!?

Grant Morrison is establishing the meat and potatoes of his story here, but with so much religiosity and reference and turning shape of the 4th World Gods that I find it hard to get into them or feel drawn into these characters. It’s definitely an interesting take for some, but for others it is an utter desecration of characters that we have grown fond of and would like to see changed in more subtle ways. Thanks for the try Morrison, but bring back my New Gods the way they were.

There are some big revelations that are even funnier when given comparison. For instance Libra turns the Human Flame into a foot soldier of Apokolips by putting him in a helmet with a special suit, which has him spouting hail to the Anti-Life equation. It’s funny because the suit he wants to put him in looks like a modern day update to the storm troopers from Star Wars which just has me thinking, WTF? We also get to see the conclusion to Orion’s death as three generations of Speedsters race the bullet, which also happens to be the best moments in the series.

Wonder Woman is revealed to be the host for the carrier of the Anti Life Equation Virus, yeah all of this has not been revealed, but apparently this is how evil begins its winning streak. Superman is in the hospital by the bedside of his wife when he is approached by a woman, who funny enough looks a lot like the Morgan La Fey character they have over in the Trinity series being written by Busiek and Bagley. More than likely she is another separatist from the Monitors though offering Superman a way out of this mess. This is really a rundown series where it seems Morrison wanted to do all he could to cover the 2 month break that is to come and get everyone caught up or in line. Not really the kind of information you would expect before a 2 month lay over, but it’s what we got. Final Crisis #3 was a good read and you should probably pick it up if you are in anyway interested in the future of the DCU.

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