Nightwing #147

Darkseid Revenge has more for you today following up with the Batman RIP saga in the DCU. You are going to have to be here tomorrow for the DCU previews of the fan created DCU set for the Versus System. Batman RIP has definitely been an interesting story arc so far and it continues rolling along the only question anyone can really have is where is it going. This story has had more ups and downs and turns than anything I have read in awhile. That can be both a good and bad thing. Today is sidekick day though it seems as we pick up Batman RIP in Nightwing #147.

Nightwing’s adventure in the Batman RIP story has been a little more physical than younger sidekick Tim Drake. This issue is no different though I wonder where it actually ties into the Batman RIP story unless the mystery shooter towards the end of the issue happens to be Hush or a member of the Black Glove then I have to ask what gives with the applied logo?

From the very start things get pretty interesting because flying high above the skies of New York City if the Nightwing logo emblazoned a la Batman insignia in Gotham. Two Face is trying to get Nightwing’s attention even though he may not be happy with what he receives. Ultimately Two-Face puts Nightwing in a bind, help him or some innocent people die. Nightwing agrees and aides Two Face in protecting an old friend who is testifying in court.

The panels here of Nightwing’s entrance into the criminal proceedings are really nice, very dynamic and vivid. Its last action hero movie kind of action but it is good. Nightwing manages to help Two Faces friend and even gets her to court in order to testify in the nick of time. The more interesting stuff happens after the trial as that sniper I was talking about earlier makes Nightwing’s day a misery.

Nightwing is on the roof bleeding and burned the story is okay a lot of action going on, but nothing really tied into the Batman RIP story. I don’t find myself concerned with why Two Face wants Nightwing’s assistance nor am I too concerned with who the shooter is, there just isn’t enough other than the action and artwork in order to compel me to read the issue, but it wasn’t a bad pick up off the shelf to round out the store purchase.

This will do it for today, check back tomorrow for that DCU preview I know you want to see.

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