Detective Comics #847

Sorry for the late start to the week, especially since we have a lot that is going on here at Darkseid Revenge. I promise to get things into high gear though and believe me that is exactly what is going to happen starting now. Tonight we get The Dark Knight’s turbulent story continuing in Detective Comics #847 with Heart of Hush Part 2 of 5. We slowly learn more of Hush’s intention for the Dark Knight and how he intends to play in this RIP storyline by Grant Morrison. This should be an interesting ride this week as it is filled with BATMAN RIP goodies.

The opening of the story definitely gives a gruesome demise to the Dark Knight as he is killed with a shot to the back of the head while he is investigating the hospital that Thomas Elliot has taken over. It’s an interesting scenario, but thank god it is just one of Hush’s stooges who is dressed up for Halloween. After the moment we are treated to flashbacks of Hush’s childhood a particular moment where he is away at camp with a young Bruce Wayne until his mother comes an interrupts his trip.

We then get a few interesting panels of a young Thomas Elliot being treated by a fledgling Scarecrow. In fact even then Dr. Crane was nurturing young adolescents in the ways of the devil. Dr. Crane gives young Hush a clean bill of mental health and off he is to pursue his evil goals. It definitely puts an interesting spin on the chronology in the Batman Universe and how some of these villains have interacted for quite some time. I guess in some respect it also puts a spin on the psychology of Batman’s criminals, its not like his presence is what created them, it may have pushed them over the edge, but in some manner or the other they already had the whole concept in their minds before he ever existed.

The last part is rather interesting especially trying to place this in the chronology of the Batman RIP saga. Here he is asking for help and seemingly is okay with himself, not the delusional deranged Batman we see in other parts of the story. He is actually looking for help from Robin and Nightwing. More interesting is the relationship dynamic between Batman and Catwoman which is being reintroduced into the Batman Universe once again. Its nice and I like it and all because quite frankly if Superman can have a wife, Batman ought to have someone in his life of significance.

The art on this series is not the best as I have said a thousand times, but the writing is good enough that it actually distract you from Morrison’s writing in the main issues. I really don’t believe we will be seeing Bruce replaced as our Dark Knight, he is our shining hero in the DCU and for some he stands on a pedestal higher than Superman. Prepare to see how some of the fans of the Versus System have placed him on a pedestal all by himself in their fan created set, DCU, this Friday. DCU previews yeah got to love fan created cards for our beloved game.

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