Robin #176

Batman Week here at Darkseid Revenge continues as we roll into Friday with our DCU preview of a Batman everyone would probably love see implemented in the game, fantasy or otherwise. Once again great job to the guys who are bringing us the fan created DCU set for the Versus System. Right now, let’s turn our attention to one of Batman’s well-known sidekicks, Robin.

Robin #175 and #176 has a lot of meat and potatoes to it because it’s the side story to the Bat gone wild and it really shows how those around him are reacting to him flipping out. The hard thing is trying to place all of these side issues into order of when and where this has happened or taken place. In Detective Comics as I showed you yesterday it is apparent Batman has probably not flipped out yet, but here in Robin #176 he has definitely gone off the deep end as Robin is trying to deduce through force and logic.

Intent on finding his mentor Robin one again takes to the streets with Spoiler at his side looking for any traces or clues that he can as to Batman’s whereabouts. The Penguin gives him a clue that some local thugs may have taken a picture of the Bat flipping out with a cell phone and he is definitely working some thugs in the beginning of this issue and one of the thugs definitely took a picture, but Spoiler hides the picture from him.

The rest of the issue is really Robin just backtracking his leads and his people that he has been asking questions around town to as we saw in Robin #175. What is really crazy is seeing Robin almost go down the same path Bruce is going in order to find his mentor. He is acting out of character and flipping out and getting more violent and risky with his behavior. The major break through in the issue is when it is revealed that Spoiler has been helping Bruce hide from Robin at his request.

Bruce apparently had a little chat with Spoiler and told her what was going to happen and to keep Robin off his trail. That makes the story interesting, but its more the words used in order to tell Robin to keep off the trail, “Tim is going to have to carry on without me, spoiler…” That is where things can get really questionable, is this a long term thing Bruce is planning or is it just the possibility he is planning for?

Robin decides that no matter what Gotham will always have him with or without Batman leading the charge. Fabian Nicieza does an awesome job here with the side story and everything is collected and absorbed by the reader, while the character may be out of character everything about this whole story has been anything but in character and he ties the relationship between Robin and Batman together. We didn’t get that showdown we were expecting from the end of Robin #175, but it is what it is. Also we get the yellow brick road as to where the story continues on in, Batman #679.

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