Much like its Secret Invasion counterpart Grant Morrison’s work on Final Crisis has been less than spectacular. The events happening in the side stories seem to be far more compelling and less confusing than the main book. Final Crisis: Revelation #1 is that very type of book. No reimagining of the character who is the centerpiece or what he is supposed to represent in the DCU, but just a story behind him as to why. This book is better by leaps and bounds than the main book.

I am already biased because Morrison has taken some of my favorite DC Villains and changed the very foundation of them, not minor changes, but drastic changes. I don’t know what Kirby could have envisioned for his creation once their destruction was to come to pass as prophesied, but I hate when those like Morrison presume to know so and try to mold the characters of creators that came before into something that looks absurdly different.

The book is told from the perspective of Crispus Allen, The Spectre. It at first appears to be a story of how Crispus Allen is dealing with his new role as the Spectre in the DCU. It’s not something you just jump right into and we have seen other incarnates of the Spectre before have some serious issues with dealing with what their job is. Even though we know this is the basic premise to the story there is something lurking in the background and we figure this out half way through the story when The Spectre tries to pass judgment on Libra. Libra is unaffected by the Spectre’s vengeance and mocks him so.

I can’t say I know what that is all about, but obviously Darkseid won the war in Heaven or Hell so there has to be something cosmically unbalanced in the Universe and this may be the first indication of that. For some reason Libra is a needed entity in the Universe and therefore can not be harmed by the Spectre, which is interesting since he is playing the trumpet heralding apocalypse because if the Spectre can’t touch him then who can.

There are some more interesting scenes that play out in the issue the biggest is the Spectre going after Renee Montoya, The New Question. Why on Earth or in Heaven or Hell he would be doing that is the question. Renee is a symbol of Justice. More interesting however seeing Effigy and Dr. Light is being judged, Dr. Light’s judgment in particular. I am doing my fair share of searching, but how is it that Dr. Light has kidnapped Raven, Donna Troy and Starfire and is prepared to become the rapist that we know again? Dr. Light is powerful yeah I know, and I hate the Teen Titans a lot, but he has kidnapped three of the most powerful members of the Titan and I barking orders at them in this way…ok.

We will be looking forward to Revelations #2.

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Flashback81 said...

Look closer.

Those are hookers/kidnapped girls who he dressed up (or in "Starfire's" case, painted) to look like the female Titans, so he could rape them, and get the rush as if it were the real thing.

NEIL04 said...

NThanks for the heads up flashback, good call, i went back and looked at it and you are definitely correct.


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