Secret Invasion: Thor #1

Secret Invasion, some love it, some aren’t and some are stuck in the middle. The one thing that is consistent about this story is that all of the tie-ins are miles ahead and better than the main story book itself. I would like to give credit to Bendis’ since he is the mastermind behind the whole Secret Invasion and its 3 years plan, but I really can’t. The writers and artist on the Tie-in are great and Secret Invasion: Thor #1 is no exception.

I’m not even so sure this can justly be called Secret Invasion: Thor, at least at this point because Thor is not the focal point of this issue and he doesn’t seem like he will be in the future. Matt Fraction who is writing the limited series is writing this tie-in piece, but as I said it’s not Thor that’s the main character, in fact it’s Beta Ray Bill. The guys over at Lost Hemisphere should be happy as hell to read that. I am happy because it gives UDE the room to place Beta Ray Bill on the Asgard team should they decide to flesh that team out at any point in the future.

Beta Ray Bill was obviously abducted by the Skrulls and tortured, probably to test the abilities of the Asgardians. Hurled toward Asgard almost as a warning the Skrulls are coming kind of moment he appears all beaten and battered and without his hammer, Stormbreaker. Thor definitely wants to get to the bottom of things and Beta Ray Bill gives him all he needs to know before declaring war. Thor has placed Asgard amongst men and now they must side with men against the oncoming invasion.

Well what would a Thor story be without Loki proving to be deceitful? She is quick to rouse suspicion about Beta Ray Bill and whether or not he is a Skrull. Some of the Asgardians are roused and they are like the village town folk with axes and pitchforks at the door ready to string him up before Thor comes crashing down to stop the insanity. Thor knows his friend is who he says he is and proves so by handing over Mjolnir to him, not only does he hand over Mjolnir to Beta Ray Bill, but also command of the Asgardian forces.

I’m a little shocked by this one, because this is a story that is in continuity and I am assuming that much of what Straczynski has written is before the invasion. That is taking into account that Thor’s arrival occurs directly after the Civil War as depicted in Thor #1 -3. If that much is true then it is hard to believe Thor hands over the reign of Asgard to Beta Ray Bill before he hands it over to Balder who is the second Heir to the Throne. If you have no clue what I am talking about read Thor #10, it is an interesting reveal as we learn that Balder is actually Thor’s brother.

Thor is going to help the townsfolk and help deliver a Baby. With all his power I am surprised he doesn’t launch up into space and get Stormbreaker and tear down some Skrull warships. I’ll be able to figure out more of where this all ties into the continuity when Secret Invasion #6 is released because we know it have to be either Thor or Beta Ray who saved the people of New York there at the end. All in all the story seems like a way for Marvel to just tie-in characters as it can where it can because this does not seem essential, especially if the Skrulls were so surprised to learn of Thor’s return.

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