Action Comics #869

Look see I am catching up today during my Dallas game because there are just parts I can’t stand to watch. Damn I am all jittery. Anyway, I have two more reviews coming at you today for some series I felt just had to be done now or rather today because they are series that are showstoppers for this blog, Action Comics and Secret Invasion. We will start with Action Comics.

Action Comics has been a great read as of late, especially with the redefining of one of Superman’s greatest nemesis, Brainiac. I cant wait to see how they handle what has been done with Darkseid and the New Gods when the Final Crisis series wraps up. Brainiac could be a heavy hitter in the Final Crisis series, especially if he was as Action Comics is presenting him now, but I doubt we will see Brainiac there and we will have to settle with his fiendish creation who is trying to bottle up Metropolis and assimilate Superman.

Brainiac is definitely in control of the situation even as Superman is able to put the hurting on him temporarily to make some retcon information of his own. Supergirl’s parents are alive and within the bottled city of Kandor. Somehow they managed to escape the decimation of Krypton by Brainiac. Like I said Action Comics is redefining the Superman universe, especially when you look at these major retcons, first of all Brainac has control of Kandor that itself is a major retcon along with the character.

Other than all of this its bash and fight back for the city of Metropolis before it is finally bottled and Superman is detained by Brainiac as he launches some device at the sun in order to poison it the same way he did the sun of Krpypton. The next issue is the conclusion and it should be quite the read.

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