Skaar, Son of Hulk #3

I got a stack of comics on top of my scanner that need to be reviewed but I am gaining some ground. I’m writing a list of comics that have not been reviewed that definitely need to be reviewed this week. I am travelling back down to North Carolina again this week for a business trip, so that should give me some time with these reviews especially since I am done writing all of my papers for my classes. Hey, I am hunting down a career this is just my job.

What we have right now is Skaar #3 which is very appropriate given that Skaar presents, really is Skaar #4 and I have that in my possession. If the Cowboys win today then I will probably pounce on reviewing that as well, otherwise I probably will just go cry in my bed like a little girl. Skaar is going to be one of those silent sleepers in the Marvel Universe. Its biggest problem is the character is a relative unknown and its interacting with characters who mean nothing to long standing fans of Marvel comics. It’s going to be hard for Greg Pak to make this character matter to readers, but he did about a year’s worth of it with Hulk so we will look forward to where it goes.

The character himself is definitely coming into his own as a formidable opponent although they are definitely scaling back the power levels of the character. You would think the son of Hulk and an Oldstrong would just be the greatest of heroes, but they are making it a journey to power kind of read and its not bad. We learn something new about the character every read, my only problem is this dual issue type read which is the same as what has been done over in the Trinity series in the DCU. I don’t care for it and it doesn’t work.

This issue gets a full head of steam because of the action that is taking place and the arrival of Princess Omaka into the fray as a potential love interest to Skaar and more in depth explanation of Axeman Bone. It’s not going to get too many fans excited over anything but its good for those who are fans just because this is Hulk’s son.

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